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Pin connection to tube on PVS-7's

Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2019 5:07 pm
by Ken
This is an issue I ran into on one of my PVS-7's. The unit works occasionally and other times does not. When it's not working I have to remove the tube and re-seat it on the pin (pogo) connectors. After doing this the goggles will work for about a day and then stop working again. At first I thought this was a corrosion issue so I cleaned the pogo connectors and followed up with some dielectric grease. This didn't fix the issue. I then begrudgingly decided to take apart the PVS-7 housing. Upon inspection of the pins from the back side it appears that one of the ribbon connectors leading to the pogo pin is slightly crimped. By ribbon connector I mean one of two flat cables that powers the tube. It's an interesting design. The cable has a hole at the end where the pogo pin connector fits into and then the end is soldiered. That connection appears to be solid. Since these pogo connectors are on springs, the only thing that makes sense to me is that when I'm re-seating the tube I am plunging the two pogo pins up and down and this is flexing the flat ribbon cable just enough to re-establish the connection.

Has anyone experienced an issue like this?